iPadSleeve BLACK Debut

This time, we gain Nishimuraya Kyoto Round: announced the sleeve case, “(iPad sleeve Black) iPadSleeve BLACK” for iPad ※ 1 pull-Yuzen dyed in collaboration with (President Yoshio Nishimura). on top of the gradient is a characteristic of iPadSleeve series, arranged in a bold and modern Japanese design. We have succeeded in improving the ability to adopt a partition will be the first series. We started to sell on the website from today, November 02. Putting your own name or a message to your loved ones in option is available ※ 2. Enjoy the traditional craftsmen of Kyoto, was produced by handicraft one by one, bringing together the beautiful design wraps the state-of-the-art technology, the beauty of the new Japanese culture.

Bright color of 1 100%. Silk
Adoption of two new partitions inside.
Built-in cushion to withstand the shock of everyday 3.
Glad to put service name or a loved myself 4. (Surcharge)

New Products [Summary]
IPadSleeve BLACK: Name
Color: SAKURA (cherry), KARAKUSA (arabesque), RYUSUI (running water)
11,000 yen price:

[About] SleeveCaseJP
SleeveCaseJP electronics case is made in Japan Brand project. Future
Stuck in the world of Japanese culture can originate an eye to the era, in the heart of Kyoto, the original products
That will be delivered to users.
iPadSleeve BLACK series is available for the hand to a wide range of customers than ever before
It is a product with so that was both functionality and beauty, the beauty of the adult.
Important to your inner even if similar, built-in shock absorbing rubber until now, has been dropped by any chance
IPad will protect the important series, a series MacBookAir such ※. Various products online
Available for purchase at each store and handling Store SleeveCaseJP.

Planning and marketing company []
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Not only in Japan, Japanese culture products, such as “traditional craft of Kyoto”,
Expand the business, etc. will continue to send to people around the world. In January 2011 the traditional craft of Kyoto
Yuzen announced the case for Apple Mac Book Air by Certified.
Items produced in various Japanese culture even after renovation.
We are also preparing cases for iPhone5.

URL: http://dengdeng.co.jp
: August 25, 2006 Date of Establishment

※ MacBookAir, iPad, iPad2 is a product of Apple, Inc. USA
※ The products are available at (http://sleevecase.jp) SleevecaseJP
※ I do not guarantee the protection of the goods necessarily.
※ name put in service is available at an additional cost.

For further information, please contact []
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation: Company Name
Toshihiro Tajiri Contact Name:
TEL :075-200-3633
Email: press@dengdeng.co.jp

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